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Acute Care Research Regulatory Professionals (ACRRP)

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The Acute Care Research Regulatory Professionals (ACRRP) group is a novel collaboration of acute care research regulatory specialists representing institutions that comprise Cincinnati’s Academic Health Center* (AHC). Formed as an outgrowth of the Acute Care Research Council in early 2016, this first-time alliance includes key regulatory professionals from fourteen acute care research units.

The mission of the ACRRP is to create a collaborative community of Acute Care Research Regulatory Professionals who support innovative and expanded acute care research by:

  • sharing educational resources/expertise and standardizing regulatory compliance best practices
  • improving efficiencies through development of a common system for storing/sharing regulatory documents
  • creating timely awareness of new regulatory guidelines/policies and pursuing most-efficient implementation strategies
  • strengthening communication among regulatory stakeholders across the AHC, becoming ‘the place to go’ for conversation/resolution of regulatory issues

Acute care research and its corresponding regulatory process are challenged by the:

  1. need to interface with patients 24/7, within minutes to hours of their illness or injury
  2. inability to schedule/recruit patients via traditional means
  3. frequent inability to direct-consent patients due to patient care and family considerations that surround a catastrophic health event
  4. movement of patients throughout the health care system (EMS, ED, Surgery, ICU).

Today, the Acute Care Research Regulatory Professionals group advocates for a common effort to overcome these challenges and others by eliminating regulatory systems’ barriers and increasing institutional cross-support. Through a commitment to process improvement, economies of scale and coordination of activities, this group has realized accomplishments that include:

  • Online repository with over 1,306 regulatory documents, utilizing common mechanisms for storing and sharing
  • Mechanisms to identify/resolve common efficiency barriers — e.g., new CITI training administrative access saves hours/week for UC and CCHMC staff
  • Facilitation of a process to standardize/share SOPs commonly used across AHC


The Acute Care Research Regulatory Professional group is open to regulatory representatives from all acute care units in the collective academic health centers — *University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, UC Health, and the Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The Center for Clinical & Translational Science & Training (with funding from a Clinical and Translational Science Award), underwrites the Council, eliminating the need for participation fees.

Upcoming dates

ACRRP meeting: Thursday, January 10, 2019; 2:00-3:00 pm; CCHMC S- Building, Room S2.600

2019 ACRRP meetings - 2nd Thursday, 2:00-3:00 pm; CCHMC S-Building, Room S4.100.



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Acute Care Research Regulatory Professionals Council

Name Department / Division
Jennifer Daniels UC, Internal Medicine/HLVI
Kathleen Harrison UC, Nephrology
Emily Goodall UC, Neurology
Lauren Keene UC, Emergency Medicine
Kelli Krallman, RN CCHMC, Acute Care Nephrology
Samantha Kramer UC, Nephrology
Cassie Kirby CCHMC, Acute Care Nephrology
Stacey Liddy-Hicks CCHMC, Emergency Medicine
Omar Lopez UC, Neurosurgery /Neurocritical Care
Angela Molloy UC, Neurology & Rehabilitation Medicine
Tammy Roads UC, Internal Medicine/HLVI
Carolina Rodriguez UC, Surgery and Trauma
Susan Roll UC IRB, StrokeNet
David Russell, JD CCHMC, Neonatology/ Perinatal Institute
Dorice Smith UCH, Investigative Drug Services
Lara Stone CCHMC, Emergency Medicine
Misty Troutt CCHMC, Pediatric General & Thoracic Surgery
Cristina Spinner CCTST, ACRC, ACRRP Coordinator and Regulatory Support
Stephanie Schuckman CCTST, ACRC Sr. Training and Development Specialist
Emily Werff OCR, Clinical Research Education & Training Program Manager