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Acute Care Research Regulatory Professionals (ACRRP)

Latest News

  •  SAIRB/ ADVARRA  - As part of ongoing integration efforts, Advarra will begin migrating legacy Schulman IRB study information into the Advarra electronic platform in May 2018. For more details click HERE.
  • Smart IRB Exchange is now IREx - IRB Reliance Exchange to support single IRB review of Network studies


The Acute Care Research Regulatory Professionals (ACRRP) group is a novel collaboration of acute care research regulatory specialists representing institutions that comprise Cincinnati’s Academic Health Center* (AHC). Formed as an outgrowth of the Acute Care Research Council in early 2016, this first-time alliance includes key regulatory professionals from fourteen acute care research units.

The mission of the ACRRP is to create a collaborative community of Acute Care Research Regulatory Professionals who support innovative and expanded acute care research by:

  • sharing educational resources/expertise and standardizing regulatory compliance best practices
  • improving efficiencies through development of a common system for storing/sharing regulatory documents
  • creating timely awareness of new regulatory guidelines/policies and pursuing most-efficient implementation strategies
  • strengthening communication among regulatory stakeholders across the AHC, becoming ‘the place to go’ for conversation/resolution of regulatory issues

Acute care research and its corresponding regulatory process are challenged by the:

  1. need to interface with patients 24/7, within minutes to hours of their illness or injury
  2. inability to schedule/recruit patients via traditional means
  3. frequent inability to direct-consent patients due to patient care and family considerations that surround a catastrophic health event
  4. movement of patients throughout the health care system (EMS, ED, Surgery, ICU).

Today, the Acute Care Research Regulatory Professionals group advocates for a common effort to overcome these challenges and others by eliminating regulatory systems’ barriers and increasing institutional cross-support. Through a commitment to process improvement, economies of scale and coordination of activities, this group has realized accomplishments that include:

  • Online repository with over 1,306 regulatory documents, utilizing common mechanisms for storing and sharing
  • Mechanisms to identify/resolve common efficiency barriers — e.g., new CITI training administrative access saves hours/week for UC and CCHMC staff
  • Facilitation of a process to standardize/share SOPs commonly used across AHC


The Acute Care Research Regulatory Professional group is open to regulatory representatives from all acute care units in the collective academic health centers — *University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, UC Health, and the Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The Center for Clinical & Translational Science & Training (with funding from a Clinical and Translational Science Award), underwrites the Council, eliminating the need for participation fees.

Upcoming dates

Next ACRRP meeting — August 9, 2018; 2pm-3pm; Location: CCHMC, S Building, Room S4.100


  • Cincinnati Children’s IRB (note: only accessible from Cincinnati Children’s network)
  • University of Cincinnati IRB
  • BOX @ UC - online repository for ACRRP community (storing and sharing departmental SOPs,  training and regulatory documents, ACRRP meetings agendas and minutes, etc.) 
UC Staff
Box at UC Login
Non-UC Staff

Continuing Education Resources 

Regulatory Resources 

Acute Care Research Regulatory Professionals Council

Name Department / Division
Jennifer Daniels UC, Internal Medicine/HLVI
Kathleen Harrison UC, Nephrology
Emily Goodall UC, Neurology
Kelli Krallman, RN CCHMC, Acute Care Nephrology
Samantha Kramer UC, Nephrology
Cassie Kirby CCHMC, Acute Care Nephrology
Stacey Liddy-Hicks CCHMC, Emergency Medicine
Omar Lopez UC, Neurosurgery /Neurocritical Care
Angela Molloy UC, Neurology & Rehabilitation Medicine
Tammy Roads UC, Internal Medicine/HLVI
Carolina Rodriguez UC, Surgery and Trauma
Susan Roll UC IRB, StrokeNet
David Russell, JD CCHMC, Neonatology/ Perinatal Institute
Dorice Smith UCH, Investigative Drug Services
Lara Stone CCHMC, Emergency Medicine
Misty Troutt CCHMC, Pediatric General & Thoracic Surgery
Cristina Spinner CCTST, ACRC, ACRRP Coordinator and Regulatory Support
Stephanie Schuckman CCTST, ACRC Sr. Training and Development Specialist
Emily Werff OCR, Clinical Research Education & Training Program Manager