CCTST “T1” Awardees

The Pilot & Collaborative Studies (PCS) core of the CCTST announced $1.3 million in FY2013 awards to facilitate T1 research on February 3, 2012. T1 (Translation 1) research seeks to apply clinical or basic research knowledge in an identifiable pathway towards the development of trials and studies in humans.

Included were 11 full T1 awards of up to $100,000 (including one renewal); 4 Junior T1 awards of up to $25,000 (for full-time faculty below the rank of associate professor); and 2 innovative core service awards of up to $50,000. Four of the T1 awards and 2 of the Junior T1 awards included UC-CCHMC cross-institutional/interdisciplinary collaborations.

This was the fourth annual funding round of T1 grants, which expanded the highly successful Translational Research Initiative (TRI) at CCHMC to investigators across the AHC and UC main campus.

Awards are for one year starting July 1, 2012. T1 and innovative core awards are potentially renewable for one additional year. Junior T1 awards are for one year only, as grantees are encouraged to subsequently apply for a full T1 with the ultimate goal of independent extramural funding.

The next funding round and request for letters of intent will be announced in fall 2012. For more information, contact Katie Scharf.

Congratulations to our awardees!

T1 principal investigators

  • Raouf Amin, MD, pulmonary medicine, CCHMC
  • Hermine Brunner, MD, MSc, rheumatology, CCHMC
  • Pankaj Desai, PhD, pharmacy, UC
  • Sonata Jodele, MD, bone marrow transplantation & immune deficiency, CCHMC
  • Michael Jordan, MD, immunobiology, CCHMC
  • Robert McNamara, PhD, psychiatry, UC
  • Marshall Montrose, PhD, molecular & cellular physiology, UC
  • James Mulloy, PhD, experimental hematology & cancer biology, CCHMC
  • Charles Quinn, MD, MS, hematology, CCHMC
  • Kimberly Risma, MD, PhD, allergy & immunology, CCHMC (2nd year)
  • Takuji Suzuki, PhD, pulmonary biology, CCHMC

Junior T1 principal investigators

  • Aimee Dietz, PhD, allied health sciences, UC
  • Yu Li, PhD, radiology, CCHMC
  • Karen Ryan, PhD, endocrinology, diabetes & metabolism, UC
  • Yuhang Zhang, pharmacy and dermatology, UC

Innovative core directors:

  • Prasad Devarajan, MD, nephrology, CCHMC
  • Charles Dumoulin, PhD, radiology, CCHMC