CCHMC Research Innovation/Pilot Funding Program

CCHMC has established the Research Innovation/Pilot funding vehicle for projects that are unusual and innovative (Innovation Funding) or alternatively, are essential (Pilot Funding) and therefore good candidates for external funding after preliminary data have been obtained.
Each award budget will be less than $75,000. No PI salary coverage. The committee will consider a second year of funding, requested at the one year anniversary of the original submission.
Submit application to by email as a single pdf document.
Three times a year, on or about March 1st, July 1st and November 1st. Next deadline is November 5, 2012. Principal investigators should anticipate a response within 4 weeks. The committee will consider a revised application only once.
Available here.
Call 513-636-8854
Program Director:
Richard Lang, PhD, Professor, Division of Pediatric Opthalmology