Design Thinking Research Awards

Background: Design thinking has been described as “devising courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones.” Toward that end, the CCTST and Live Well Collaborative (LWC) have joined forces to offer the Design Thinking Research Awards. The LWC is a nonprofit founded in 2007 by the University of Cincinnati (UC) and Procter & Gamble (P&G) which specializes in research and development of products and services for living well across the lifespan. It is a unique academic-industry innovation center that leverages the vitality and unbiased innovation capability of multi-disciplinary teams of UC faculty and students. LWC uses an open innovation model for moving translational research into the marketplace.

Grants available: This grant opportunity provides partial support for a Studio project. Your team identifies a healthcare challenge and the LWC works with UC to form a design led team comprised of both faculty and students. The team will utilize design thinking tools and a “co-creation” model with stakeholders (e.g. patients, parents, clinicians) to develop innovative products or services to address the healthcare challenge.

The Studio structure facilitates development of ideas that are actionable and implementable. Your team walks away with experience in human centered design methodology that can be used to address future challenges and sustainable tools/prototypes that are ready for testing and iteration. The LWC has a track record of completing 70 studio projects that have involved over 600 students and more than 40 UC faculty members.

The maximum allowable grant is $10,000 in support of a semester-long project (14–16 weeks) which historically has ranged in cost from $29,000–$78,000, depending on staffing levels of faculty, graduate, and co-op students and supplies needed to complete deliverables. The applicant’s division or grant funds from another source must cover the remaining costs. Approximately one award will be available each semester in 2018.

Eligibility: The principal investigator (PI) must be a Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) faculty/staff member. Clusters of investigators spanning disciplines, programs and institutions are strongly encouraged. Faculty/staff based at UC or the Cincinnati VA Medical Center are encouraged to collaborate with CCHMC investigators. CCTST membership is required (join here free of charge).

Process: A letter of intent (LOI) consisting of an application face page and 2 additional pages is required for each funding round. Selected investigators will be invited to submit a full application.

Deadlines for 2018/2019

Spring Semester

Letter of Intent: September 27, 2018
Invitation to Apply: October 29, 2018
Final Application: November 19, 2018
Notification of Award: November 26, 2018
Project Timeframe: January 14–May 3, 2019

Summer Semester

Letter of Intent: February 1, 2019
Invitation to Apply: February 15, 2019
Final Application: March 15, 2019
Notification of Award: March 29, 2019
Project Timeframe: May 13–August 16, 2019

Fall Semester

Letter of Intent: March 25, 2019
Invitation to Apply: April 15, 2019
Final Application: May 6, 2019
Notification of Award: June 10, 2019
Project Timeframe: August 26–December 13, 2019

Details: See the Grant Application Instructions or email For more information on the LWC and Design Thinking, see the Resources section below.

Past Awardees

View all awardees, 2014–2017

2018 Fall Semester Awardee:

Advanced Cardiac Therapies Outcomes Network (ACTION), Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) Educational Materials,
Angela Lorts, MD, CCHMC Medical Director for Ventricular Assist Device Program, The Heart Institute

2018 Spring Semester Awardee:

Comprehensive Sibling Support: Empowering Siblings Changes Outcomes,
Kate Shamszad, CCHMC Clinical Director, Child Life and Integrative Care

2017 Fall Semester Awardee:

Compassionate design: Improving space and processes associated with a child’s death
Rachel Thienprayoon, MD, MSCS, medical director, StarShine Hospice, CCHMC

2017 Summer Semester Awardee:

Designing an Integrated Data Environment to enhance ouTcomes in Custody Youth (Designing IDENTITY)
Sarah Beal, PhD, assistant professor, Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology, CCHMC

2016 Fall Semester Awardee:

Optimization of Tailored Video Discharge Instructions for Acute Asthmatics
Carolyn Kercsmar, MD, director, Asthma Center, CCHMC

2016 Summer Semester Awardee:

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Parent-Provider Home Care Program Pilot Study
Sandra L. Staveski, PhD, RN, APRN, CPNP-AC, nurse scientist, Heart Institute at CCHMC

2015 Fall Semester Awardees:

STORM Clinical Decision Support Toolkit
Lisa Shook, MA, CHES, assistant professor, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute, CCHMC

Russell Ware, MD, PhD, director, Hematology, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute, CCHMC

2015 Spring Semester Awardees:

Innovative Research and Product Development to Support Success in Healthcare for Transitioning Foster Youth
Sarah Beal, PhD, assistant professor, Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology, CCHMC

Cancer Center at the Liberty Campus / CBDI North Metropolitan Cancer Services
John P. Parentesis, MD, FAAP, director, Oncology and Cancer Programs, CCHMC

2014 Fall Semester Awardees:

Sickle Cell Trait—What about it?
Charles Quinn, MD, MS, director, Hematological Clinical and Translational Research, CCHMC
Lisa Shook, MA, director, Newborn Screening, Cancer & Blood Disease Institute, CCHMC

2014 Summer Semester Awardees:

Development of a Novel Electronic Adherence Monitoring Device
Kevin Hommel, PhD, associate professor, Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology, CCHMC

Redesign of Primary Care Waiting Rooms as a Model for Community-Clinical Linkages
Robert Kahn, MD, MPH, associate director, General and Community Pediatrics, CCHMC