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CCTST Grand Rounds on the Design Thinking Research Awards: slides available

The May 15, 2015 CCTST Grand Rounds focused on healthcare improvement enabled by the Design Thinking Research Awards, a joint effort of the Live Well Collaborative (LWC) and CCTST. 

Design thinking has been described as “devising courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones.”  Three projects were highlighted in which investigators worked with a multi-disciplinary team of UC design faculty and students assembled by the LWC to utilize design thinking tools and a “co-invention” model with stakeholders (e.g. patients) to develop innovative products or services to address a healthcare challenge.

Slides are linked from the presentation titles below:

Overview of Design Thinking and the Live Well Collaborative (LWC)
Linda Dunseath, executive director, LWC

Community-Connected Primary Care:  Redesign of a Waiting Room
Adrienne W. Henize, JD
Division of General and Community Pediatrics, CCHMC

Success in Healthcare for Transitioning Foster Youth
Sarah Beal, PhD, Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology, CCHMC
Mary Greiner, MD, Mayerson Center for Safe and Health Children, CCHMC
J. Blake Lane, UC College of DAAP

A Design Thinking Approach to Developing an Educational Sickle Cell Trait Website
Charles Quinn, MD, Division of Hematology, CCHMC

Program objectives:

1.       Understand design thinking and how the process can be used for healthcare improvement
2.       Describe specific examples where design thinking was used to improve healthcare
3.       Discuss the role of the Live Well Collaborative and CCTST in facilitating design thinking projects

An event flyer is available here.