Former CCTST KL2 Scholar Awarded K25

Kevin Haworth, PhD, assistant professor in the UC Division of Cardiovascular Health & Disease and Biomedical Engineering Program,  has received a four year NIH K25 Mentored Quantitative Research Development Award.  He completed a CCTST KL2 Research Scholar Career Development Award last year.

His project is entitled Ultrasound-mediated oxygen scavenging for inhibition of reperfusion injury. While new therapies to restore blood flow can be life-saving, up to half of the volume of heart tissue at risk during a heart attack dies, paradoxically, due to the return of blood flow. The previously oxygen-starved heart muscle responds to the influx of oxygen by creating free radicals that damage the patient’s heart cells, so-called reperfusion injury. This project uses a novel, ultrasound-based technique to sequester oxygen from the blood to limit free radical formation and reduce reperfusion injury.

Dr. Haworth's primary mentor is Andrew Redington, MD, chief, Pediatric Cardiology, CCHMC.  Co-mentors are Christy Holland, PhD,  professor, Cardiovascular Health and Disease, UC; John Lorenz, PhD, professor, Molecular and Celluar Physiology, UC; and Karin Przyklenk, PhD, professor, Physiology, Wayne State University.

"It is very exciting to receive a K25 award, which is in no small part due to the great career development opportunities offered by UC and CCHMC," Dr. Haworth said.  "My mentors provided exceptional grantsmanship and content expertise while developing and refining my application.  I also benefited immensely from the mentoring, especially the peer-mentoring, made available as part of the CCTST-sponsored K-scholars groups.  My fellow junior faculty were difference-makers when it came to getting to the core of my message."

Congratulations, Kevin!