The CCTST Evaluation Core is responsible for developing and implementing an evaluation strategy to assess the CCTST overall goals and service objectives. The Evaluation Core staff (Dr. Jack Kues and Ms. Angela Mendell) have a range of skills and expertise in strategies and techniques that can be very valuable for developing evaluation components of grant applications, reviewing existing programs and initiatives, and monitoring the progress of ongoing activities. Specifically, the CCTST Evaluation Core has expertise in the following areas (among others):

  • Mixed Methods Research Design
  • Summative and Formative Models of Evaluation
  • Development of Logic Models for Evaluation
  • Survey Design
  • Quality Improvement
  • REDCap Surveys
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Implementation Science
  • Team Science

Evaluation services are available to investigators and program directors through the CIS to help design and implement evaluation of a wide range of project and initiatives. We have a library of Evaluation readings, presentations, and tools available in the resource section below.

For more information about Evaluation or to schedule an Evaluation consultation, contact Angela Mendell at mendelam@uc.edu.