Teams and Team Science

20181005_Team Science_Spaghetti Tower 2_web2.jpg       20181005_Team Science_Spaghetti Tower 5_web2.jpg       20181005_Team Science_Spaghetti Tower 6_web2.jpgParticipants build marshmallow towers to hone teamwork skills at a Team Science Basics workshop held at the UC Staff Success Center.
What is Team Science?

Working collaboratively with investigators, staff, and others is a fact of life for researchers in an academic medical center. Creating and operating “effective” teams is becoming more of a challenge as research becomes more interdisciplinary and many teams function across multiple institutions. “Team Science” is the study and application of principles, techniques, and strategies in order to form, develop, lead, and manage groups of individuals who are part of a research project or team. The CIS is building the expertise and resources to help investigators and teams learn the fundamentals of team science and to support teams as they develop and mature. The CIS offers a range of educational courses, workshops, seminars and presentations that can be customized to particular audiences and incorporated into existing courses or other educational offerings. We have a library of Team Science readings, presentations, and tools available in the resource section below.

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