Community Partner Council

Goals and Objectives

To build capacity among community organizations, service providers and researchers to develop/sustain effective partnerships and conduct research in community settings.

  • Identify neighborhood health needs and concerns.
  • Learn about research methods, standards and requirements.
  • Recommend strategies to maximize meaningful participation of community organizations, area residents, health providers and researchers in all phases of the research process.

To promote research and intervention studies in community settings that maximize community involvement and positively impact health outcomes for neighborhood residents.

  • Identify challenges to conducting collaborative research in community settings and recommended strategies to address these challenges.
  • Recommend standards/guidelines to the city-wide IRB for reviewing research/intervention studies that will be conducted in community settings.
  • Set priorities and guidelines for the review of pilot grant funds intended to foster community-driven initiatives.
  • Identify opportunities to create new partnerships beyond the initial targeted neighborhoods and populations.