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Just-In-Time Core Grant Program

The next deadline will be November 1, 2018. Updated instructions below.

The mission of the Just-In-Time (JIT) grant mechanism is to enable investigators to use UC or CCHMC Core facilities to obtain critical data for submission of a competitive extramural proposal, patent application or commercialization agreement. This small grants program is designed to support clinical and translational science investigators who require the services of an institutional core to develop key preliminary data for federal (K23, R01, DOD, VA, etc.), foundation or professional association grant funding. Investigators may apply for up to $7,500 annually for core services that would directly facilitate the submission of a new or revised application for extramural funding. The Just-In-Time funding must be spent within the fiscal year awarded (by June 30, 2018).

Please note that applications must be submitted through the CCTST Competition and Awards Program Site (CCAPS): Log in using your UC (“6+2”) or CCHMC username and password.  For more information, email Elizabeth Heubi or call 513-803-2612.

Previous funding rounds:

Just-In-Time Program participating core facilities:

  1. Animal Behavioral Core (CCHMC)
  2. Cancer Biology Microscopy Core (UC)
  3. Cardiovascular Imaging Core (CCHMC)
  4. Cell Manipulations Laboratory (CCHMC)
  5. Center for Autoimmune Genomics and Etiology (CAGE, CCHMC)
  6. Confocal Imaging Core (CCHMC)
  7. Diagnostic Immunology Lab (CCHMC)
  8. DNA Sequencing and Genotyping Core- Computational Medicine Center (CCHMC)
  9. Epigenomics Data Analysis Core (CCHMC)
  10. Gene Expression Core (CCHMC)
  11. Genomics, Epigenomics and Sequencing Core (UC)
  12. Heart Phenotype Lab (UC)
  13. Human Genetics Core (CCHMC)
  14. Imaging Research Center (CCHMC)
  15. Laboratory Animal Medical Services (LAMS, UC)
  16. Live Microscopy Core (UC)
  17. Mass Spectrometry Facility (Clinical and Biomedical) (CCHMC)
  18. NMR-based Metabolomics Core (CCHMC)
  19. Pathology Research Core (CCHMC)
  20. Pharmacometrics Core (CCHMC)
  21. Pluripotent Stem Cell Facility (CCHMC)
  22. Protein Informatics Core (UC/CCHMC)
  23. Proteomics Laboratory (UC)
  24. Pyrosequencing Lab for Genomic and Epigenomic Research (CCHMC)
  25. Research Flow Cytometry Core (CCHMC)
  26. Structural Biology and Protein Expression/Purification Facility (UC)
  27. Transgenic Animal and Genome Editing Core Facility (CCHMC)
  28. Translational Trial Development and Support Laboratory (CCHMC)
  29. Vector Production Facility (CCHMC)
  30. Viral Vector Core (CCHMC)
  31. Vontz Core Imaging Laboratory (UC)