Processes and Methods Pilot Grant Program

Now accepting applications through September 16th, 2019.
Please see competition program announcement (RFA) below:


This two-step pilot grant program is designed to support clinical research professionals as well as patient advocacy groups at a local, regional, or national level. Examples of previous awards have included funding for research designed to improve complex data acquisition and harmonization methods as well as innovative methods for improving recruitment of underrepresented minorities and vulnerable populations. 

The Processes and Methods grants awarded in step 1 of this grant mechanism will provide seed funds of up to $5,000 for developing a long-term (2 to 5 year) research proposal focused on advancing specific processes and/or methods deemed important to Clinical and Translational Research. Investigators awarded in step one of this grant program will be invited to step two, and will then have four months to produce a more complete 6-page research proposal that includes background, specific aims, significance and innovation, and approach sections, along with an estimated budget not to exceed $40,000/year in direct costs. 

Care should be taken to include relevant details on expected outcomes, algorithms, programming software languages, staffing/training needs, dissemination plans, as well as the specific areas of science that are likely to be improved with the proposed processes/methods. The full, 6-page proposal must identify early results/deliverables to be produced by the end of the first year. The full proposals will be reviewed by members of the CCTST executive committee as well as a panel of external peer reviewers.

Priority thematic areas include: 

1) Methods for facilitating the transfer of Electronic Medical Record data to research databases.

2) Methods for improving the application of artificial intelligence and/or deep learning methods needed for decision making in clinical research.

3) Methods for improved risk-based monitoring algorithms for auditing and validating clinical research data.

4) Methods for detecting and improving upon barriers to implementing adaptive study designs in clinical research, including but not limited to statistical equating methods, operational and logistic details, and regulatory considerations.

5) Improved methods in the use of passive, as well as active sensors for obtaining clinical and epidemiologic data.


Applications will be accepted from faculty or staff from all UC campuses, the Academic Health Center (including CCHMC, UC, VA Medical Center), or any of the regional colleges/universities including Xavier, Mount Saint Joseph, NKU, Thomas More, and Miami. This program is also open to members of the Greater Cincinnati community and patient advocacy groups at a local, regional or national level. Advanced degrees (MD, PhD, MD-PhD or equivalent) are not required for eligibility. Collaborative groups of investigators spanning disciplines and programs are strongly encouraged. Submissions from underrepresented and minority investigators are also encouraged. Applicants must be CCTST members. Join free of charge.


Step 1 Applicants must submit a 1-page preliminary proposal in the format listed within the RFA. Funding requests of up to $5,000 are acceptable for this step. Funds for the initial $5,000 award may not be used to support faculty salaries or salaries of the investigators but can be used for support staff or other expenses related to the application. 

Investigators awarded in step 1 of this grant program will have four months to produce a 6-page full proposal and apply for step 2. The step 2 application should include background and scientific merit of their research, specific aims, significance and how your research will facilitate clinical and translational research more broadly, innovation, and approach sections, along with a budget not to exceed $40,000/year of direct costs for a 12 month period that must be contained within the 6-page limit The more complete 6-page proposal budget may include limited offset of faculty/investigator salaries (up to 15% effort). A separate RFA will be provided with further instructions to investigators who successfully complete step 1 and are invited to apply for step 2.


If interested in applying please download the program announcement (RFA) for the current competition (grant requirements and submission deadlines) as well as the grant application.

Applications must be submitted through the CCTST Competition and Awards Program Site (CCAPS). Log in using your UC (“6+2”) or CCHMC username and password.

Questions? Email Krista Newland or call 513-803-5593.

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