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Jack Kues, director
 Jack Kues, PhD, Director

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The mission of the Center for Improvement Science is to facilitate interprofessional collaborations through networking, team science education, and consultation in which all participants find deep mutual benefit.

The Center for Improvement Science (CIS) was created in 2015 in order to facilitate better multidisciplinary collaboration and to promote the use of team science principles. Its primary aim is to provide translational and interprofessional investigators and teams with easy access to a range of resources that had previously been unavailable or scattered throughout the CCTST partner institutions. CIS is home for team science training, consultation, and research. It is also building resources to support system change and the adoption and dissemination of care improvements (Implementation Science). A number of other resources from around the CCTST are also accessible through the CIS, including expertise in health services research, outcomes research, community-based research, developing effective collaborations, and program evaluation. A consultation call or appointment with a CIS navigator can save investigators a great deal of time and effort identifying and finding resources to help them and their teams. We have a library of readings and tools available in the resource section below.

Internal Funding Needs Assessment: Your Opinion Matters

You are invited to take the CCTST Internal Funding Needs Assessment designed to inform people who administer grant funding across CCTST partner institutions about what YOU need in regard to internal funding.  This survey will provide valuable information about the internal funding needs of our researchers, educators and service providers.

Click HERE to take the survey, or copy this URL into your browser:

Please forward this link to anyone you know who would like to share insights about internal funding opportunities across UC, UC Health, CCHMC and the VAMC. 

CIS Services

Team Science Consultations

  • Integrating team science principles and/or training into training and research proposals
  • Team evaluation
  • Team development

Evaluation Consultations

  • Integrating program evaluation design and analysis into training, and programmatic and research proposals
  • Survey development coaching
  • Data management coaching

Team Science Training

  • Workshops
  • Targeted training for operational areas
  • Team Science graduate course
  • Grand Rounds, lectures, and readings

Evaluation Services

  • Program evaluation
  • Survey development
  • Survey execution
  • Data analysis

Key Content Areas


Key Personnel

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