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Clinical Translational Research Center (CTRC)

The Clinical Translational Research Center (CTRC), formerly the General Clinical Research Center (GCRC), provides the resources to perform high quality, patient-oriented research across the Academic Health Center (AHC) and the community. Funded by a NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) and based at CCHMC, the CTRC is led by Mark Mitsnefes, MD, MS. The ambulatory CTRC is located within CCHMC and has four exam/consult rooms for study visits involving children and adults.

The CTRC provides experienced research nurses to assist with protocol implementation. The CTRC clinical research nurse liaisons help the investigator coordinate all activities across different departments needed to implement the protocol, including investigational pharmacy, CCHMC lab, radiology, etc. Detailed study-specific physician orders and data collection flow sheets are developed for the protocol. CTRC research nurses provide a unique, concierge-like service to aid investigators in accessing the appropriate services available.

The CTRC research nurses maintain contact with the investigator throughout the duration of the study to ensure positive outcomes and continue to monitor the research study until its completion. The research nurses are trained in guided IV placement utilizing a portable ultrasound that is available to all research studies. The nurses are available to assist with studies involving blood draws, sample processing and other study-related activities including full-day pharmacokinetic studies.

The CTRC Sample Processing Lab is located adjacent to the outpatient facility. This laboratory includes a refrigerated centrifuge for specimen processing, a -20°C freezer and ultralow freezers for specimen storage, and a YSI glucose analyzer for protocols that need immediate glucose results. Samples of blood, urine, stool, bile, etc. are processed and stored according to protocol.

Off-Unit Clinical Research Nursing

Off-unit clinical research nursing is available to support studies performed outside the CTRC unit at CCHMC (i.e. the Regional Center for Newborn Intensive Care, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and psychiatric unit) and subjects in beds in CCHMC inpatient units (scatterbeds). The research nurse team is accredited to participate in studies performed across the AHC and community, including UC Health University Hospital.

Core Services

  • Biochemistry Core Laboratory (specialized research tests for studies)
  • Bionutrition and Body Composition Core (research nutrition assessments, DXA, pQCT)
  • Behavioral Core (intellectual/developmental testing, specialized neuropsychological testing)
  • Vascular Core (vascular measures, including peripheral arterial stiffness testing, and vascular data management)

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